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Remote Support, 3th Level Support, 24x7, Monitoring


Why do you need efficient, continuous DB remote support?

  • To ensure business continuity
  • To allow for immediate intervention
  • To guarantee DB continuous monitoring
  • To offer response to database shutdowns

In order to be efficient, database systems depend on suitable architecture definition, backup, restore and recovery plans. Once this aim has been achieved, it is necessary to provide preventive and corrective maintenance to guarantee total availability.

We can offer you this remote support service thanks to the experience we have accumulated over the years working with multiple clients.

Stop worrying about your databases. Hire an experienced team that guarantees 24x7 response and allow your organization to concentrate on other tasks that are relevant for the business and gain a calm perspective of the technological evolution of your systems.

We have experience developing ITIL-based good practices. To this aim, we work to meet predefined service levels (SLA).