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Oracle Backup

Oracle backup

Once backup policies have been defined in a previous consultancy project in line with our business continuity plans, it is time to implement them.

In order to do this, experience in the use of suitable Oracle tools is necessary. Among these tools we can mention the export utility or the export data pump, which are considered by Oracle not as backup utilities, but as tools to be used to move data. RMAN and flashback are the solution.

RMAN is a very exhaustive tool, flexible and secure, used to make hot database backups. It includes a wide set of commands, and nowadays no Oracle backup can be understood without using RMAN.

Our services include:

  • RMAN configuration
  • Backup scheduling
  • Zero data loss configurations
  • Backup monitoring
  • Restore/recovery tests
  • Validation of backup policies
  • Configuration adjustment of the Flashback Recovery Area
  • RMAN performance