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Active Monitoring

Good DB preventive maintenance practices include periodical control checks. We have many health checklists to be executed daily and weekly in order to guarantee data security and availability.

We also offer a warning alert continuous monitoring system that, in a matter of seconds, notifies the DBO on duty of any incidence in the DB. The DBO will act, either anticipating a possible downtime or escalating the incidence to the DBA.

These lists include:

  • Alert/warning monitoring.
  • Data growth control.
  • Backup verification and validation.
  • Compilation of statistics.
  • Instance tuning problema detection.
  • DB growth analysis.

In addition, we offer a 24x7 emergency support service to provide disaster recovery solutions, thus protecting production systems. This is part of our highly demanded global maintenance service, although it can be provided without previous contractual service agreement.

If you wish to have 24x7 DB continuous monitoring support, do not hesitate to contact Antón and Alberto using the following contact form.