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Backup Restore Recovery

The backup strategies used should not depend only on the resources and backup time available.
Recovery plans must be defined prior to backup strategies, and both things within the context of our business continuity plans.

We shouldn't consider the export and data pump tools as backup instruments. Even if they allow us to restore the database up to the moment when the backup was carried out, they do not allow us to recover all the information up to the exact point of failure, which means that transaction and data loss will happen.

RMAN is the most suitable tool for Oracle Database backup. It is fast and secure, and it guarantees restoration and recovery up to the desired instant or transaction.

We offer experience planning backup alternatives associated with different recovery situations:

  • Restoration and recovery of part of the system without affecting the availability of the rest of the system.
  • Guidance on backup storage systems.
  • Backup configuration of a database aiming at zero data loss restoration and recovery.
  • Backup planning and monitoring.
  • Restoration attempts.
  • Solutions for data protection that guarantee the inmediate availability of data in case of disaster, such as Oracle Active Data Guard.

If you wish to know more about backup/restore/recovery tools and strategies, do not hesitate to contact Alberto and Antón using the following contact form.