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Performance, Security, Licensing, Personal Data Protection


You surely have asked yourself these questions more than once...

  • Are we certain that we have 24x7 data availability in our organization?
  • Have we included a disaster contingency plan within our business continuity plan?
  • Are our access control systems efficient and secure?
  • Do we really need all the functionalities licensed by Oracle?
  • Could we improve data access performance?
  • Do we conform to the norms and regulations concerning data protection ?

An independent external audit following computer engineering best practices can answer all these questions.

Auditing in time can prevent disasters involving data loss and the subsequent partial or total stoppage of the business.

An independent auditing report supports the head of the computer science department in decision taking and helps justify investments to the General Management. Even more so if the audit is endorsed by auditors with years of experience auditing production systems.