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Installation, Migration, Patching, RAC, Tuning
Administration The high cost of maintaining computer systems is well known. However, the cost of not maintaining them is usually higher −due to system unavailability or poor performance. Databases are not an exception. That is why we offer you cost-efficient services that allow you to carry out these tasks when you lack the necessary resources. On the other hand, our experience in different working environments helps us give our final clients an innovative and resolutive response to database maintenance. Even if they have their own DBAs, it is common for companies to demand our DB installation, migration and tuning services, as well as other tasks that go beyond the routine work DBAs usually devote to. It is our vocation to work in close collaboration with our client’s system administration team. This means that we will take iniciatives when it comes to problem solving, considering problems as ours and acting as if each of us was just another member of the organization.