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Change Management

Questions that arise when we have to approve a release into a production environment...

  • How often changes to our production DB exceed our intervention time?
  • How often do we discover intervention errors after deployment into production?
  • What is the cost of DB downtime due to release into production?

We offer efficient methods and procedures that guarantee success and avoid deployment uncertainties. Our experience allows us to minimize the number of releases into production requiring system downtime or cut offs.

The intervention of an experienced DBA to plan and carry out changes on a DB, allows you to obtain guidance on the actions to be carried out and the most suitable strategies to follow in order to implement them. A DBA will be of great help in the analysis of the risks involved in the modifications, in the definition of restraint policies in case of errors, and in the management and supervision of the necessary releases into production.

Every intervention, planned as it may be, must include a well-tested, simple and secure rollback procedure.

If you wish to be advised on these topics in order to define efficient deployment strategies or change management procedures, do not hesitate to contact Alberto and Antón using the following contact form.