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Data Migration

Applicative or organizational demands make it necessary to move data between different environments. This movement can be part of an Oracle migration process, of the updating of a developing environment, of a physical change in the DB, of a data replication process, etc.

Oracle offers multiple alternatives when it comes to moving data, and all these possible options should be taken into account in order to get the best solution for each specific need.

Our experience migrating data allows us to approach each new project in the most suitable way, choosing the alternative that best complies with the specific requirements:

  • Export/Import
  • Data Pump
  • RMAN duplication
  • DB physical movement
  • Transportable tablespaces

To guarantee a successful release into production, it is important that the migration process be carried out in a suitable way, in order to avoid the inconveniences of an inaccurate migration plan or the errors that are likely to happen throughout the production deployment process itself.

If you wish to migrate your databases, do not hesitate to contact Antón and Alberto using the following contact form.