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Personal Data Protection Auditing

Some of the things the person in charge of the computer department may be worried about…

  • Are we sure that all the personal data in our DBs has been inventoried and declared ?
  • Are we sure that the backup process complies with the regulations established by the Data Protection Agency?
  • Have we carried out a data audit to protect sensitive personal data?
  • Have we done development and pre-production environment data masking or tests?

Auditing offers the answer to these and other questions, as well as security to the person in charge of the DB files declared.

Given our experience as DBAs in big organizations and as DB auditors, as well as our knowledge of the Spanish Data Protection Law LOPD -among the most demanding in Europe- and its applicability, we offer auditing services from a Computer Engineering perspective, helping and giving advice to the person responsible for the Computer Science Department on all these aspects.

If you need more information about personal data protection, do not hesitate to contact Antón and Alberto via the following contact form.